At the forefront of cutting edge suspension technology for twelve years now, Risse Racing have only ever had one objective in mind: To make the best there is. Free from the constraints of looks and price they produce some ofthe finest bicycle suspension products in the world. Regularly winning test after test in magazines spanning the globe, Risse make products which above all else have function and performance at the top of a long list of priorities.
With more experience than most companies when it comes to bicycle suspension, Risse learned that re-inventing a product year upon year was not the best way to earn the customer loyalty and world wide respect which they now have. Rather than launch something drastically new and forget what they did previously, Risse focus on constantly evolving their products and striving to make improvements on a daily basis. So if you have a twelve-year-old Risse shock, you can still get the parts, and you can still get the support and service you would get if you had a one-week-old shock.
Risse make the best, and realise without customer loyalty and respect they might as well make nothing. It's a humble yet noble philosophy that has steered them to a unique and highly regarded place in the world of bicycle suspension.

Welcome, to Risse Racing.
Customized. Innovative. Responsive. Smooth. Aggressive. Personalized.

These are just some of the words that describe the Lassen. It's the ultimate downhill frame. With its modular design, the frame size and geometry can be customized for the rider to optimize the bike's handling.
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